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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  November 11, 2009 7:00am-7:30am EST

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. union bank. and by "pirate radio," a new comedy from focus features. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from
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small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> in 1966, the british government banned rock 'n' roll on the radio until one american deejay and a band of renegades raided the airwaves from above. >> let's rock! >> a nice, young man has lost his virginity. >> we're going to shut them down. >> they can't close us down. we're pirates. >> rock on! >> this fall comes comedy about the motley crew -- >> this is a trick. >> we've got the wrong damn boat! >> that saved rock 'n' roll. "pirate radio," rated r. >> and now "bbc world news." >> of this is "world news today " from dvc. i'm george alagiah appeared from australia to america, london and. -- paris, remembering the end of world war i. angela merkel becomes the first german chancellor honoring
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armistice day in france. president obama inches closer to a new strategy. brazil blacked out chaos as a power failure plunged rio and sao paulo into darkness. tribute to thegerman goalkeeper robert enke who died after being hit by a trained. a suspected suicide. >> is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london and 1:00 in the afternoon in paris where angela merkel remembered history by making history. she has become the first german sandler to attend a armistice day celebration in france. one of several around the world. in lonn between attended a church service, the first time it occurred without the presence of surviving veterans.
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today's ceremonies at poignancy as they take place against the backdrop of the conflict in afghanistan. >> it is 91 years cents but guns fell silent in the great war and for the first time the leaders of france and germany came to mark this day of commemoration together. under the arc de tree of nicolas sarkozy and angela merkel reinforce their friendship. two days ago the french president was in berlin for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. >> of both bates, the end of the first world war, and the day of the fall of the berlin wall, reminds us we must always fight for peace and freedom, that we must defend our values of democracy and human rights, and would keep working for european solidarity and partnership with america. >> i would like to say that
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german or fans cried for their parents just like the french orphans. german mothers felt the same pain as french ones in front of the coffins of their sons fallen on the battlefield. [bells tolling] >> in london, a two-minute silence marked the start of day armistice day service in westminster abbey. for the first time there was no veteran of the first world war. the last three survivors died earlier this year. but this november 11 was made more poignant in britain by the casualties of the conflict in afghanistan. at camp bastille and -- bastion in helmand province, they remember friends and colleagues lost in the modern- day fear of war.
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-- fear of war. >> we have our correspondent. if i could come to you first, how has this visit been built in france? >> very, very well here. it was extremely powerful and poignant symbolism to see the flags of both countries fluttering in the breeze at the arc de triumph. both armies played each other's national anthem and president sarkozy said that in taking this hand of friendship and accepting his hand of friendship, angela merkel of germany, he said, has honored france and honored the french people and the also said armistice day should not be a day when one country celebrated victory over the other.
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he said the german children have suffered in the exact same way that french children have and german mothers cried over their sons coffins in the exact same way the french mothers have as well. >> in berlin, what is the german take of this visit. >> here in germany armistice day is not a national holiday. there is no silence and indeed there is no headline news, either, the death of the national goalkeeper is. but commentators are saying the chancellor's present in paris is a powerful gesture of reconciliation. she said in paris that these two nations can show the rest of the world that they can rise above the pain of the past. it is also an attempt to restart the famous franco-german access which has been at the heart of
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european integration or some decades. interesting to look at the diary of the two leaders in the past two weeks. mr. sarkozy was in berlin a few days ago for a much happier anniversary, the fall of the berlin wall. mrs. angela merkel went to paris just hours after she was sworn in as her second term as chancellor a few weeks ago. there is that it tends to put france and germany to gather, although it is not very clear what more they can do together. the friends have -- the french have come up with an idea, a franco-german minister in both canada that -- cabinets. the germans are much more reluctant. >> that is a suspicion, isn't it, that the armistice celebration is simply -- commemoration is a bit of a backdrop for european politicking. >> that is true. certainly as the day and the
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french parliament many politicians said we should remember exactly what this day is for, and that is to remember our war dead. we n't want today hijacked by the modern world of power politics -- another world, franco-german alliance and what it means to that. remember how of poor and it is for the french people to see the german chancellor year. back in 1998, then french president jack shellac offered a similar -- jaque chirac offered the stain invitation but at that time the germans turned it down. saying it was equally important not to live in the past. but i think angela merkel's words say we should rise above the pain of the past should have a lot of symbolism for the french people here. >> thank you both. in a few minutes we will be live in that -- in afghanistan where
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soldiers fighting the taliban are paying their respects to fallen comrades. more news, a top stores. the palestinian president told a crowd of thousands that israel is trying to thwart the two- state solution. mr. abbas laid a wreath to comemora yasser arafat. saying there will be no negotiations israelis without stopping the building of settlements. cambodia handed a letter to thai officials refusing to expedite the former prime minister. he arrived in tom patton tuesday to take up his new role as economic adviser. an airline pilot has been charges of being under the influence of alcohol just moments before he would do to take off at heathrow. police arrested him on board a united airlines plane bound for chicago on monday. the flight was carrying more
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than 120 passengers. power has returned to many parts of brazil after a black out plunged major cities into darkness. all of neighboring power of why was also left without power for a period of about 50 minutes. it came after a large hydroelectric plant that supplies energy went off line. the dam's owner blame the problems with the transition graybeard from sao paulo -- >> the scale was breathtaking. millions left without power at the same time homes, bars, and restaurants were plunged into darkness. on the roads, motorists had to negotiate without traffic lights. nervous pedestrians tried to cope as best as they could. radio stations appealed for drivers to slow down.
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the state's partially or totally affected range from the far northeast to the southern tip. the popular tourist city of rio de janeiro, home to 6 million, and just won the right to stage the olympics was totally without light. the whole of the neighboring state was plunged into darkness, affecting of around 21% of the brazilian population. initial reports said the power failure might have been caused at problems -- by problems at a hydroelectric plant. but officials say that facility was working normally and they believe there have been a problem with the system of electricity transmission. a government minister said a storm might have been to blame. given the staggering scale of destruction, brazilians will want reassurances that this kind of blackout will not happen again. gary duffy, bbc news.
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>> a full business report in 25 minutes. jamie is here. let us get a heads up. the new production figures -- china. >> very impressive. 16% increase in industrial production metals, fuel, power all at record levels. we went through a slump last year and this is obviously a comparison. it really does emphasize the affect the stimulus is having pared -- having. also uptick in consumer. of the consumer, what economists have been wanting all along, that one of the consumer to start pulling their weight in the global economy. more imports going into china as well. >> when you talk about the
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stimulus package, doesn't mean it doesn't necessarily represent real -- >> building roadways to know where. the classic problem have when you put into place stimulus packages. possibly. we don't know for certain where all of this money is going and to what end it had been put and whether it will continue, whether it will stimulate to the point of actually greeting self- sustained growth. that is difficult to judge. there are -- imports of copper and iron which suggests possibly the kind of demand in china is not going to continue beyond the next few months. it really is a wait-and-see situation here we have to monitor it very carefully. >> look forward to that. thank you. the man known as the washington sniper has been executed by lethal injection in the u.s. state of virginia.
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john allen muhammad killed 10 people during three weeks of attacks in 2002. his lawyers have been trying to get the sentence commuted to life imprisonment on the grounds the convicted murderer was severely mentally ill. from outside the prison, adam brooks. of all his appeals exhausted, clemency denied, john allen muhammad, the washington sniper was executed. the execution took place here on a rainy night in greenbelt. a spokesman gave details. >> he came in under his own power is bordered by the officers. he seemed quiet and relaxed. i never heard him utter a word or say anything in particular at all. >> he was executed on this bernie, a needle in the arm and then an anesthetic and a lethal dose of potassium chloride to stop his heart. john allen muhammad went to his death without a final words and without any emotion, we are
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told. we will probably never know what motivated the washington sniper. john allen muhammad terrified washington, d.c., and suburbs and 2002. killed randomly from a distance with a single round. people died. it took three weeks to catch him and his accomplice, 17-year-old lee malvo, in prison for life. >> it is just so siad. no winners tonight. we are not celebrating, just a very sad course of events. >> john allen muhammad's life ended year but americans will not forget the terror he sent through their capital seven years ago. bbc news, virginia. >> this is "world news today." coming up -- tributes come in four of the german football player robert enke after he died in an apparent suide.
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here in the united kingdom police will be able to hold the and a profiles of innocent people for a maximum of six years under new government proposals expected to be announced later today. ministers were forced to take action after the european court of human rights ruled that unlawful to hold the any records indefinitely. >> the model was murdered in 2005 by a man on the identified by a dna sample from an unrelated eat -- offense. he is now serving a life sentence but his dna was taken after the killing. the government wants to keep dna profiles of people arrested but not necessarily -- unless the commit crimes in the future. after the european court of human rights said indefinite retention it is unlawful ministers are now back into both a six-year limit for all offenses.
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opponents say it means thousands of innocent teenagers will have their dannay kept on file for years. >> the government has been stockpiling the dna of a completely innocent people, including children. millions and millions of completely innocent people and the more innocent dna you keep, the greater the risk of accident and abuse. >> the dna database in england and wales was already the biggest in the world. but in scotland, most profiles are destroyed if someone is an -- isn't charged or convicted. a commission warns today's proposals could face a legal challenge of they don't go far enough. >> accord in the united states since the former american astronauts took a year of probation for attacking a romantic rival two years ago. police and no back pleaded guilty to lesser charges after being accused of pepper spray and and accounted -- attend the
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kidnapping. this is "world news today" from bbc world news. i'm george alagiah beard of the main headlines. angela merkel has beco the first german chancellor to mark armistice day by attending the main french commemorative event in paris. a widespread power outage plunged as brazilian cities and two hours of darkness. after two months of deliberations, barack obama is down to just four strategic options on afghanistan they will be on the table today when the president needs his security team for another round of consultations. there is no official word on what the options are but they outline different troop levels dependent on different goals, time frames, and expectations.
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the low-and option would add from 20,000 up to 25,000 troops, middle option, about 30,000 troops, and another of braces and request from the u.s. commander in afghanistan for 40,000 more troops. administration officials say a fourth option was recently added but didn't identify the troop levels attached to it. mervis -- british soldiers commemorated armistice day with silence. camp bastion, the main british base. we can't go live to our correspondent is our but here it is speaking to troops about the challenges. >> this is the main logistic base, convoys, anything up to 200 vehicles, sometimes six or 7 kilometers in length, they have to be transported securely to resupply troops. some of the people involved and
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the convoys. lt. molinaro -- and commanding officer more and more. i know you have just come back from a convoy. what was a light? >> it was ok. it was my first so i went out to gain some experience. >> top cover, what does it mean? >> on top of the cover. >> presumably a pretty big gun. >> yes. >> did you have to fire at? >> no, i didn't. >> just a lot of dust and scenery. it >> yes. >> which must of been a relief. >> yes. >> have you been doing much in these convoys as well? >> we have been protecting all of the project -- >> you are driving these really huge armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers. >> yes. >> what are they like? >> very protective.
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never has been defeated by enemy tactics or anything. we're doing a good job. we are using our big guns, a big fire power. >> have you seen any taliban actions as you have been on any of these convoys? >> yes, in contact a few times. has not done damage, so it is fine now. >> they sound very relaxed but i kind of guess it must be quite daunting out there. >> very daunting. we have done four, that logistic patrols and from my point of view, a lot is due to the training. >> what about the vehicles they are using? there has been a whole debate about the armor. these look well armored. >> fantastically well protected.
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this is the work force that carries of supplies around the province. we faced testing scenarios. >> give us an example -- maybe there is not such thing as a typical convoy but the types of things you may be carrying. >> ammunition, water, rations, anything that would sustain a battle group for anywhere up to 30 days. >> and they have to be resupplied one more time? >> we do logistic patrols probably once a week to different battle groups around helmand. >> all of you, thank you very much and save traveling. >> that was john at the main british base in afghanistan but goalkeeper for germany's national football team rather enke died in an apparent suicide. he was the favorite to where
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the jersey for the world cup next year. he died after he was hit by a trained at a crossing near hanover. the manager of the national team said the news has left him shocked and speechless. >> at 32 years old, the career of robert enke was taking flight. he paid for barcelona, and munchen -- he played for hanover. his life was touched by tragedy. he lost his two-year-old daughter to a heart condition and his last game in homburg on sunday was also his first in almost two months after contracting a stomach virus. there's been reports the goalkeeper have been struggling with depression but this was not widely known. then after 6:00 on tuesday evening, he is thought to have fallen and front of a train near his home. his agent has confirmed it was suicide.
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>> we are deeply shocked and our thoughts go out to t family. we will do everything to support the family. we lost a great sportsman and person today and it is very sad. >> at hanover stadium, messages of shock and disbelief. >> he was our idol. we will never see the likes of him today. he was one of the kind. a great tragedy, not only for us but also in the history of football. >> at the time like this item at a loss what to think. it is terrible. i'm so sad. we all loved him. >> roberte nke is thought to be the first choice to play for his country in the world cup next year. the german team says it is not clear whether they will play again chile this weekend out of respect for their colleague and friend.
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>> and rather somber note to be asking to get the rest of the sports news. >> thank you very much. germany may even cancel wednesday's friendly against the ivory coast. in north america, winds for the southeast and southwest division leaders in the u.s.. miami heat dallas mavericks got the best of houston by 18. pictures of memphis, portland trailblazers, 14-point victory. the lead changed hands 13 times in the first half. the game was affect the w linkon and the third period, 14- point scoring run. the blazers winning their third straight games of they are now just a game behind the north west divisional leaders, the denver nuggets. nhlon bruins beat the defending stanley cup champions
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the pittsburgh penguins. this one was in boston. at the other and the bruins scored three goals, deadlock broken in the second period. penalty awarded 70et up later -- 70 seconds later by the replay official. three-nothing to the bruins. he's had world titles in six different box and divisions but once a record seventh, the filipino who fights the puerto rican welterweight last night. fans gathering at fight night. he regarded as the best pound for pound boxer in the planet and last night in not a britain out. the filipino will need all his
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speed to avoid the punches. 27 knocked out in 35 professional fights. >> thank you very much. a reminder of our top story. countries around the world are holding events to remember the war dead. the leaders of france and germany have for the first time jointly attended an armistice day ceremony in paris. in britain, there were no first world war of veterans at ceremonies following the deaths this year of the last three survivors. for this law the on to /news. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. union bank. and by "pirate radio," a new comedy from focus features.
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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> in 1966, the british government banned rock 'n' roll on the radio until one american deejay and a band of renegades raided the airwaves from above. >> let's rock! >> a nice, young man has lost his virginity. >> we're going to shut them down. >> they can't close us down. we're pirates. >> rock on! >> this fall comes a comedy about the motley crew -- >> this is a trick. >> we've got the wrong damn boat! >> that saved rock 'n' roll. "pirate radio," rated r. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. presented by kcet, los angeles.
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